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RiseUp Red Wing Grant and Open House

RiseUp Red Wing and their partner organizations, has been chosen by The Wallace Foundation to participate in a one-time, one-year funding opportunity, called Advancing Opportunities for Adolescents.

RiseUp Red Wing’s mission is to support local youth through programming including mentoring, life skills training and youth leadership.

RiseUp Red Wing’s cross-sector partnership will use funding of $175,000 to advance youth voice in the community by creating a Community Youth Council.

The effort, which involves 30 cross-sector, system-level partnerships, is intended to help strengthen the work of the partnerships in addressing the needs of adolescents who face barriers to participation in afterschool and summer programs and to build understanding about what partnerships like these are doing and how.

RiseUp Red Wing is holding a Mentor Open House Wednesday from 3- 4:45 pm in the Ignite Building, 419 Bush Street. No experience needed, they are looking for adults who want to make a difference in the lives of local youth.

For more information, visit

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