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Red Wing Stormwater Infrastructure Upgrades

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MCPA) Commissioner Katrina Kessler joined local leaders and businesses in Red Wing Thursday to address the critical need for investments in local infrastructure.

Kessler told the crowd, that included Red Wing City Council President Becky Norton and Vice President Evan Brown, Governor Tim Walz is proposing new legislation that would establish a $21.1 million grant program for stormwater infrastructure upgrades across Minnesota to help mitigate flood damage and adapt communities for increasing severe rain events.

Jay Owens, Red Wing City Engineer, recalled the severe flooding in the city in the fall of 2019.

Owens said the city’s storm sewer system could not handle the rainfall and created severe flooding in multiple areas.

Commissioner Kessler says the bill is being considered in both the Senate and House and she is hopeful of bi partisan support.

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