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Red Wing Schools Teaching & Learning

Red Wing Public Schools new Director of Teaching & Learning/Assistant Superintendent is excited about starting her first school year.

Allegra Smisek says is looking forward to getting to know students in the Middle School and High School.

Smisek says this school year younger students will see a big push for reading.

This summer, Red Wing High School grades 8 and 9 staff gathered with district leaders for a multi-day training in the BARR -- Building Assets and Reducing Risks. The BARR model builds intentional relationships, uses real-time data, and enables schools to achieve concrete outcomes for all students.

This school year, Red Wing High School will implement BARR in grades 8 and 9. The district plans to expand to grades 10-12 next school year.

Smisek is taking over the position that was held by Martina Wagner, the district's new superintendent.

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