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Red Wing School Board Smartphones in Classrooms

Smartphones have become a distraction -- and more -- in the classroom, the school cafeteria and beyond.


Red Wing School Board members on Monday, April 1, initiated discussion on what actions, if any, the district should take regarding student cell phone use.


During the workshop, the board heard a brief overview of current policy, including how, when and if it is followed or enforced.


Red Wing Public Schools does not have a standalone cell phone policy. Currently, permitted usage is incorporated into Policy 524 Internet Acceptable Use and Safety.


The board emphasized that this is only the beginning of the discussion. Future forums, workshops and surveys will seek staff, parent and student input.


The board will then determine policy for the 2024-2025 school year.


Meanwhile, the Minnesota Legislature is debating potential statewide restrictions of personal electronic devices in public schools. A few districts have already implemented stricter policies and even bans.


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