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Red Wing Reported Gunshot

The Red Wing Police Department received a report of a sound of a gunshot in the vicinity of the Twin Bluff neighborhood this morning

, but nothing was found with subsequent investigation.

At 11:06 a.m., the Red Wing Police Department received a call regarding a possible gunshot heard in the area of Pioneer Road and Twin Bluff Road in Red Wing.

Officers arrived in the area but saw or heard nothing further. No other calls were received from citizens but multiple residents in the area told officers they heard one possible gunshot in the area earlier, but nothing after.

Officers saw or heard nothing further and cleared the scene after about 20 minutes. There was no known threat to the community, and it is unknown where the possible gunshot might have originated.

A social media post referring to a shooting at Twin Bluff Middle School briefly circulated following the report of a possible gunshot. That post was inaccurate and has since been removed.

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