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Red Wing Public Schools Elementary School Start Times

The Red Wing School Board and the school district are getting dozens and dozens angry messages on their Facebook page from parents who are dumbfounded and upset about the posted school starting and ending times for students for the upcoming school year.

Superintendent, Karsten Anderson, in a letter to parents says to accommodate a longer elementary school day, changes to transportation, and concerns with ending times for high school students, school starting/ending times will change this year.

Elementary Schools hours would be 9:25am-4:10pm- High School: 7:50am-2:50pm.

Th letter goes on to say over the next two weeks, we plan to determine school assignments for elementary students. The assignments were delayed due to the complex changes to our transportation system. Information will be forthcoming as soon as it is available.

Anderson says the related issues were briefly discussed at two board meetings but says board members did not review proposed times in advance.

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