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Red Wing Public Cannabis Hemp Products Ordinance

The Red Wing City Council Monday night voted to introduce an ordinance making it unlawful to use cannabis and hemp products in any public place in Red Wing.

Exceptions include private residences, including yards, private property not accessible by the public, and an establishment or event licensed by the city to permit consumption

The ordinance must pass a second reading before it could go into effect anmd there will be a public hearing scheduled for Monday, September 11. The City Council declined to vote for an interim ordinance prohibiting cannabis sale and production in Red Wing.

Council member Evan Brown questioned the need for a city ordinance at all, considering State law already prohibits sale and production until licenses are granted – not expected to happen before January 2025.

City Attorney, Amy Mace, says cities can issue local moratoriums but it really is a moot point.

The council decided to not have staff devote time working on possible ordinances until the state establishes their licensing and regulatory framework for sales.

The City Council also voted to allow public comment on the possible interim ordinance prohibiting cannabis sale and production in Red Wing during the Public Hearing on September 11th.

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