Red Wing City Levy and Budget Approved

Following Monday nights Truth in Taxation public hearing, the Red Wing City Council approved the 2022 levy and budget.

The council approved a property tax levy of $23,549,495, a $685,907, a 3% increase over the 2021 property tax levy.

Mayor Mike Wilson asked why not consider a zero increase this year. Councilman Evan Brown said the time to speak up was during the budget process that started in August.

Board Chair Becky Norton says city staff did a great job cutting what they could to keep the levy down.

The 2022 Budget and Capital Improvement Program was approved at $19,371,954, an increase of just over $322,000 from the 2021 budget.

The vote was 5 to 1 on both items, with council member Kim Beise voting no. The Red Wing Port Authority and Budget passed unanimously.

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