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Red Wing City Council Virtual Comments

One agenda item on the Red Wing City Council’s Monday night meeting rubbed some people the wrong way.

Council members Donald Kliewer and Janie Farrar, Mayor Mike Wilson and City Council Administrator, Kay Kuhlmann, had met during an Agenda meeting and came up with several changes to the council’s Rules of Order and Procedure.

One of proposed changes prohibits virtual public comment and it clarifies that the City will take public comment only in person and by email.

Council heard from 4 community members, 2 of whom used the virtual option, each against that change. Martha Harris said it would not serve the community well at all ending with less participation for those unable to attend in person for a variety of reasons

Council members Becky Norton, Evan Brown, and Vicki Jo Lambert, were not happy with not being included in the prior meeting.

Council member Janie Fararr gave her reasons for supporting the change, saying virtual comments are not an effective method to communicate and she finds the format not very useful.

The virtual option became available during the COVID outbreak.

The council ended the discussion by voting to hold a full council workshop soon to further discuss the proposed changes.

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