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Red Wing City Council Approves Preliminary Levy

The Red Wing City Council voted 3-2 Monday night to approve the preliminary property tax levy at 16.5 %.

The council had 3 choices besides that figure, 12% and 9%, but the majority felt that by setting it too low, it might mean further deep cuts in the budget.

The 16.5% was recommended as it provides the necessary funding for the proposed budget.

Council President, Kim Beise, says not to get overly anxious about the large number because the council is going to continue to make cuts before having to finalize the levy.

Council member, Ron Goggin, who along with Janie Farrar cast the two no votes, said he could go with a lower starting point but not over 16%.

Council members Beise, Becky Norton, and Vicki Jo Lambert, voted yes. Evan Brown and Don Kliewer were unable toattend the meeting.

The Council also voted to hold their annual Truth in Taxation Meeting on December 5 when they can lower the levy but NOT raise it beyond the preliminary amount.

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