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Red Wing Budget Process

The Red Wing City Council has begun the process of figuring out next years budget and levy after workshops in April and this past Monday.

Last year the council passed a property tax levy of about $23.6 million, a 0% increase over the previous year.

Council Administer Kay Kuhlmann says they are looking to save money where they can.

Kuhlmann says just like the rest of us are feeling the economic effects of higher prices, the city is dealing with the same problems and it’s likely there will be an increase in next years levy.

Depreciation after time of Xcel Energy’s Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant, means they are paying less of the burden of the property taxes than prior years.

Although there was no increase to the levy this year, many people saw higher property taxes, something the City does not control, Goodhue County does the assessments.

The average assessed market value on a single family home in Red Wing increased by 19.58% last year.

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