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Project Food Shelf Weekend

The annual KWNG-KCUE radio event to help the Red Wing Area Food Shelf is happening this Friday from noon to 6 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm at Walmart.

Dee Bender, volunteer and board member of the Food Shelf, says Project Food Shelf helps out many people from outside of the Red Wing community, some communities in Western Wisconsin.

KWNG and KCUE will be broadcasting live from Walmart Friday and Saturday.

Food Shelf Manager, Brenda Smith, says the 2 day event is a big blessing and it comes at a great time of year.

Smith says the guidelines to use the food shelf are pretty inclusive. A single person can make up to $40,000, a 3 person family just under $70,000 and a family of 5 can earn just over $97,000 to qualify.

For more information about the Red Wing Area Food Shelf go to

PICTURED: Dee Bender-Greg Taylor-Brenda Smith

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