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Pine Island Incident

Saturday morning Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call around 10:45 am for a possible domestic dispute in the south east area of Pine Island.

Upon arriving, the individual in the incident began to make threats of using firearms against law enforcement and stated they were holding a hostage. In response, SWAT teams of both Goodhue and Olmstead counties were called on-site and a CodeRED alert was issued that requested for all to stay clear of the area.

After authorities determined no one else was in the house and following several hours of negotiations, law enforcement received a warrant and SWAT teams deployed less than lethal rounds. The individual returned fire but no one was hit.

The individual ultimately surrendered and was taken into custody. The incident took place within the jurisdiction of Olmstead County and all charges will be given by the Olmstead County Attorney’s Office.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension will assist in the investigation.

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