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Old West Main Street Reconstruction Project Update

The Old West Main Street reconstruction project is continuing to make progress. The Contractor has completed all the service work east of Jackson Street and is currently focusing on the new storm sewer between Highway 61 and Ace Hardware’s driveway. The Contractor plans to close that section of roadway starting tomorrow (Tuesday, August 24th).

The closure is required to construct the new concrete roadway and is anticipated to be reopened Friday, September 3rd. Access to Ace Hardware and O’Reilly Auto Parts is planned to be provided through Ace’s parking lot from Cedar Street.

The Contractor plans to complete the sanitary and water services on the west side of Jackson Street this week. Immediately following the services, the focus will be entirely on the new storm sewer starting within Jackson Street and heading east first, then west towards Washington Street.

The Contractor anticipates nearing completion of all utility work within Stage 1 the week of Labor Day.

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