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New School Zone Speed Limits

Following approval by the City Council Monday night, routes to two Red Wing schools will be soon be safer thanks to new school zone speed limits.

Sunnyside Elementary is set to be surrounded by 15 and 20 mph zones, and Twin Bluff Middle School would get 20 mph zones on city roads.

The road west of the roundabout by Twin Bluff Middle School is a county road, where Goodhue County has indicated a willingness to create a 30 mph zone.

Signage is expected to be in place by the beginning of the next school year.

Crossing improvements with ADA compliant pedestrian ramps and bump outs at the Twin Bluff Road/Spruce Drive/Hallstrom Drive intersection between the two schools are also planned.

All these improvements are supported by a $240,000 Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Grant.

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