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MSC President Danielson Investigations

The President of Minnesota State College Southeast president has been found to have violated polices on accepting gifts and maintaining a respectful workplace.

Marsha Danielson treated colleagues in a “demeaning, humiliating or bullying” way, according to a report by an independent investigator. That included calling people “hon,” “girlie” and “babe”; using profanity in the workplace, and at times referring to a gathering as a “powwow” .

A parallel investigation, conducted by the MSC system Office of Internal Auditing, found that Danielson also violated policies by accepting a free ticket package to a Minnesota Wild hockey game from Xcel and using college-owned vehicles for personal use, despite receiving a monthly transportation and communication allowance.

System chancellor Devinder Malhotra said he had spoken with Danielson and was reviewing the reports to determine whether disciplinary action is warranted.

Danielson has apologized to colleagues and noted she will reimburse the system for mileage and pay for her attendance at the hockey game. Danielson became president of the college in July 2021.

The state launched the investigations of Danielson last October, after four individuals filed complaints about her conduct.

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