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Minnesota State College Southeast Tuition Freeze

Tuition is frozen at all Minnesota State colleges and universities through Spring of 2025.

The tuition freeze was made possible by the higher education bill passed by the state legislature last spring.

It means that tuition will not increase for the next two years and will stay at the same rate as it was in Fall 2022.

In addition to the tuition freeze, other key provisions of the final bill includes funding for the “North Star Promise” -- a scholarship program that provides access to public higher education without tuition cost for students from families with annual incomes of less than $80,000.

The program will become available FY2025.

Expanding offerings in free course materials and resources, including through open educational resources, open textbooks, and implementation of “Z-Degrees” and continuing the highly successful Workforce Development Scholarship program that encourages students to enter programs in high demand by employers.

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