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Masonic Lodge FST Donations Sheriff's Office

Red Wing Masonic Lodge No 8 donated 7 Fire Suppression Tools (FSTs) to the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office Wednesday at the Red Wing Elks Club.

The FST devices look like a small, square carrying case and to activate it, a person simply pulls two pins before tossing it into the structure. The FST is equipped with an eight-second timer which, once it counts down, releases chemicals, which are safe for humans, into the air and it will knock down the fire.

The FST ‘s decrease the temperature of the fire by about 1,000 degrees in less than a minute.

Goodhue County Sheriff, Marty Kelly, says they will be a valuable tool for his officers.

Shawn Carrick, Assistant Secretary, Red Wing Lodge, says they partnered with Mason Charities and Grand Lodge of Free Masonry, to purchase the FST’s, which are around $1,000 each.

Just this week, one of these FSTs was deployed in Newport by a Sgt from Washington County. The FST put out the fire and saved the house and 2 dogs.

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