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Lake City and Wabasha Results

In the Lake City School Board race the top 3 vote getters were elected and were Jacob Schumacher with 2,098 votes, Jim Siewert garnered 1,713 votes and Jacob Atkinson got 1,309.

And in the Special Election for a Lake City School Board seat it was Dawn Balow defeating Billy Watson 2,785 votes to 1,279.

For Lake City City Council the top 3 vote getters were elected:

Amy Kohrs Alkire with 1,307 votes, Russell Boe 1,252, and Faye Brown with 1,211 votes.

For Wabasha Kellogg School Board the top 4 candidates were elected. Tim Adams got 1,822 votes, Brittney Ender with 1,534, Robert Venz with 1,302 and Sharleen Klennert received 1,218 votes.

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