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Highway 61 Withers Harbor Lane Closures

Highway 61 motorists at Withers Harbor in Red Wing will encounter lane closures beginning Wednesday as crews do work to improve sightlines and then splice fiber optic cables affected by construction, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.


Lanes closures will begin at 7 a.m., Wednesday to set up a lane closure for northbound and southbound traffic so crews can modify a barrier near the Withers Harbor left turn lane from northbound Highway 61.


Once that work is complete, a contractor will set up a right lane closure on southbound Highway 61 to begin splicing the fiber optic cables in the vault in front of the Perkins. They anticipate 4-5 weeks for splicing.


The lane closures are related to the Highway 61 Withers Harbor bridge project in Red Wing that wrapped up major work for the season earlier this fall.


Full construction is scheduled to resume in 2024. Crews replaced the northbound bridge this year and will replace the southbound bridge over Withers Harbor Drive in Red Wing in 2024.


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