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Highway 61 Project Hansen’s Harbor

Motorists on Highway 61 north of Lake City can now directly reach Hansen’s Harbor on the highway, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The road remains closed at the Wells Creek bridge, which is expected to be completed in late August. Motorists traveling to Frontenac or Red Wing from either direction should use the detour route. Wells Creek bridge and Ski Road/296th Street intersection are still closed.

Ski Road/296th remains closed until early September. The closure means people traveling from Red Wing to Frontenac businesses, residences or the state park on Highway 61 will need to use the detour – Highway 58 south of Red Wing to Goodhue County Road 5 east to Goodhue County Road 2 north.

Motorists from Lake City traveling to Frontenac businesses, residences or the state park should follow Goodhue County Road 5 west to Goodhue County Road 2 north into Frontenac. Motorists traveling to Mount Frontenac Golf Course should use the detour when traveling from Lake City. Motorists from Red Wing continue to reach the golf course from Highway 61.

Passing lanes will be added in both directions at the Highway 61 and Ski Road intersection to reduce congestion and allow for safer passing. Construction is anticipated to be completed late-August, then Highway 61 will close at the Ski Road/Hill Avenue intersection for passing lanes to be constructed at that location.

This work is part of the project that is resurfacing about 10 miles of Highway 61 from Lake City to Red Wing. It also includes realigning some intersections to increase visibility, widening the road in multiple places to accommodate a bike lane, upgrading guardrails and completing bridge maintenance.

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