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Goodhue County Shooting, Man Charged

A 24-year-old Red Wing man is facing three assault charges following an attack on a law enforcement officer last Tuesday.

Fernando Javier Carbajal is charged with third-degree assault and fourth-degree assault against a peace officer, both felonies. He’s also facing a gross misdemeanor charge of fourth-degree assault against a peace officer. He is accused of chasing and attacking the investigator last week after he had crashed his vehicle, traveling around 90 mph.

The officer, an investigator for the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office, discharged his firearm two to three times during the encounter and the man was hit at least once.

According to a witness, Carbajal began chasing the investigator and the deputy was attempting to retreat, and said they thought the deputy had attempted tried to fire his taser unsuccessfully.

Witnesses told law enforcement, the investigator fired his handgun two to three times, Carbajal fell down but got back up and continued to chase the deputy.

Witnesses described Carbajal, who is 6 feet tall and 435 pounds, as being significantly larger than the investigator.

Goodhue County District Judge Douglas Bayley noted that Carbajal made several suicidal comments during the confrontation and has a guardian, and he wants Carbajal to undergo a mental health evaluation.

The BCA and the Red Wing Police Department are investigating the shooting. The name of the investigator who shot Carbajal has not been released and he is not named in the criminal complaint.

According to the BCA, there is no body camera or squad camera footage of this incident.

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