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Gas Prices Rising Again

A severe hurricane season could make prices go up at the gas pump.

Prices are already on the rise and have climbed to a $3.88 average according Triple-A.

The summer gas price spike was driven by a combination of extreme heat damaging some U.S. refineries and oil production cuts by Russia and Saudi Arabia.

But Citigroup analysts say the biggest risk now is climate change resulting in major hurricanes hitting U.S. shores.

They wrote in a client note that two Category 3 or higher hurricanes could "massively disrupt supplies for not weeks but months."

According to Gas Buudy, as of Thursday, regular unleaded gas at Arco in Red Wing was $3.76 a gallon and $3.49 at 62 Express in Frontenac. US Gas in Lake City was selling it at $3.69 a gallon.

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