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EMS Bill Passes

The Minnesota Senate and House passed a bipartisan $30 million aid package last weekend for rural emergency medical services (EMS) with unanimous support in the Senate and a 119-11 vote in the House. Governor Tim Walz just signed the bill.


The bill provides $24 million in emergency aid for EMS providers who are focused on services in Greater Minnesota. Another $6 million is dedicated to an innovative sprint medic pilot program. 


A task force determined the EMS Regulatory Board (EMSRB) was ineffective in its regulatory role and their powers and duties will be moved to a newly established Office of Emergency Medical Services. 


The aid package includes significant funding for several EMS providers in Senate District 20:  


·         Altura ($49,979) 

·         Chatfield ($91,479) 

·         Elgin ($60,809) 

·         Lake City ($161,780) 

·         Red Wing ($142,389) 

·         Wabasha ($108,355) 

·         Eyota Volunteer Ambulance Service ($96,635) 

·         Zumbrota Area Ambulance Association ($160,602)  


The EMS aid package also includes a sprint medic pilot program, authorizing trained medical staff to be the first response and determining if an ambulance is necessary.


Additional reforms in the bill help address EMS staffing concerns in rural areas. The changes make it easier to be qualified or certified as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Emergency Medical Responder, or Ambulatory EMT. 




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