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Drazkowski State Budget Forecast

Minnesota Republican Senator Steve Drazkowski of District 20 says the state’s February Budget Forecast is out and is a bit of a mixed blessing.

Drazkowski says the state’s surplus grew nearly 1.5 million dollars to well over 19 million dollars, that’s the good news.

Drazkowski says the democrats passed a bill that bakes inflation into future spending, so that surplus shrinks to 17.5 billion in actual spending and tax relief power.

The House and Senate will now discuss how to best use that money.

Drazkowski says he does not agree with some of the legislation passed by Democrats so far, including, Unlimited Abortion, the 100% Carbon Free Mandate-which requires the state’s power utilities to use 100 percent clean electricity by 2040, and Driver’s Licenses to undocumented immigrants.

Serving for District 20, Drazkowski represents Dakota, Goodhue, Olmsted, Wabasha, and Winona Counties.

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