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City of Wabasha Construction Update

The City of Wabasha is giving an update on the construction and utility work and reminds residents and visitors that even during construction, Wabasha is open for business.

The contractor is closing the intersection of Bridge Avenue and 4th Grant Boulevard starting yesterday to complete the sewer installation in that intersection. A signed detour will be put in place to direct traffic, and the planned duration of the closure and detour is now expected to be 2 days.

They expect to have the intersection back open this evening at the latest, assuming things go to plan.

Additional closures of that intersection, for similar lengths of time and with the same detour, will occur at different times later in the project, as they complete other work in that intersection, such as watermain, storm sewer, and paving.

Prior notice of those closures will be made at a later date.

In addition to the intersection work, the contractor will be working on water main installation on Bridge Street today.


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