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City Council Overrides Mayor Arts Fund Veto

The Red Wing City Council held a special meeting Monday and voted to override Mayor Mike Wilson’s veto of an ordinance to amend City Code and create the Arts and Culture Commission and Arts Fund.

The vote Monday was the same as last week’s vote, 5-2 in favor of the override.

The Arts and Culture Commission and Arts Fund would apply to city capital projects starting in 2024. Contributions to public construction projects would be 1% and private development of 1-million dollars or more would be subject to .5 % of the construction or reconstruction cost.

Laurel Stinson said she likes the ordinance as written.

Evan Brown says the council can get guidance friom the Arts and Culture Commission going forward if they want to amend the ordinance

Mayor Wilson said he would like to wait and continue the discussion into the new year.

Council members Don Kliewer and Kim Beise cast the two no votes.

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