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City Council Employee Letter

The Red Wing City Council last week voted 5-2 to approved providing each Officer of the City Council an employment letter, similar to those recently provided to the Public Works Director and the Police Chief.

The council appointed new people in those 2 positions and both officials were internal promotions, each sharing concerns about accepting the position due to the fear of termination for what could be considered political.

The two were offered letters from the City Council with an agreement to pay six months' severance in a case where their termination was not performance related, or a result of a criminal act or violation of the City' s personnel policy.

Council Chair Becky Norton said the purpose of the letter is to provide stability.

Council member Don Kliewer, who along with Kim Beise cast the 2 no votes, said the decision was a risky and expensive one.

The change in policy will apply to the following positions: administrative, financial, clerical, and legal officers, director of engineering, chief fire official, administrative services director, and community development director.

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