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City Council Approves Preliminary 2022 Levy and Budget

The Red Wing City Council unanimously approved the preliminary 2022 levy and budget Monday night.

The council approved a preliminary property tax levy of $24,060,307, an increase of 5.2% from the 2021 final levy.

The preliminary 2022 budget was approved at $19,718,103, an increase of just over $678,000 from the 2021 budget.

The General Fund has been prepared integrating the current pay plan, three additional Public Works employees, an estimated seven percent increase in health care insurance costs, an election, the revised recreation agreement with the Red Wing Public School District, and other changes totaling $678,216 over the prior year.

The City will continue to develop the 2022 budget and will present, and take input on, the budget at the remaining City Council budget workshop scheduled for October 27 and at the December 6 Truth- in- Taxation public hearing.

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