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Cannon Falls Police Abduction

Saturday around 10:48 am the Cannon Falls Police Department responded to a report about a female in the bathroom of a Casey’s General Store, asking for the police because she was abducted.

The suspect left Casey’s and drove away down a street where an officer attempted to make contact, but the suspect fled. During the pursuit the suspect crashed into the pursuing squad car, causing damage to the squad car but the officer was not injured.

The suspect fled again and the vehicle was spotted by Northfield Police Department but it fled at a high rate of speed heading west on Highway 19.

The pursuit included State Patrol and the Rice County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect drove in to Faribault where a citizen reported where the vehicle and suspect were and a perimeter was established and suspect was located and taken into custody. The suspect refused to identify himself.

The investigation determined the victim got into the vehicle in downtown Minneapolis early in the morning expecting a ride to a different location. However, the suspect refused to let the victim go and instead drove around the metro area.

The victim was located at Casey’s by the officer and was taken for medical assessment and was not injured during the incident.

The suspect is a 25-year old male from Minneapolis and was transported to the Goodhue County Jail and held for charges: False Imprisonment, Fleeing in a Motor Vehicle, and Leaving the scene of an accident.

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