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Blue Cross Minnesota Foundation Grants

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation has awarded more than $3.2M in grants to 27 nonprofit organizations in Minnesota, including 2 in southeastern Minnesota.

A grant of $110,000 payable over two years to Hispanic Outreach Program of Goodhue County will support the growing Latino community in Lake City by providing direct services, youth and family programs, emergency assistance funds, mental health support and cultural events.

A grant of $200,000 payable over two years to Project FINE will support efforts to address social determinants of health, promote sustainable policy and systems changes, and support opportunities for refugees and immigrants in Winona to feel integrated and connected.

The grants are part of the Healthy Connections program, which supports efforts in Minnesota to create and nurture more connected, resilient and inclusive communities where all people have the support and resources to reach their full health potential.

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