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Bells of the Bluffs Ring in the Big Turn Music Fest: KWNG 106 Interview

all members of the Bells of the Bluffs with their handbells


Join KWNG 106's Sean Patrick as he interviews the Bells of the Bluffs Musical and Artistic Director Marilee Anderson and Charter Member Kathleen Olson for this week's Big Turn Tuesday. Listen in as they discuss the different types of music and techniques they use, the staggering height of some of the chimes they use in the ensembles, and a sneak peek at some of the music they'll be playing at the Big Turn Music Fest! You can learn more about the Bells of the Bluffs from their website here, and make sure to see them LIVE at St. Paul's Lutheran Church on Saturday, February 17th at 5:30pm during this year's Big Turn Music Fest.

Bells of the Bluff Interview KWNG 106

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