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Amtrak Second Train Red Wing

Red Wing could see a second Amtrak train that would run between the Twin Cities and Chicago as early as late this year.

The Twin Cities-Milwaukee-Chicago, or TCMC train, will run on the same track as the Empire Builder.

Last week, The Wisconsin Department of Transportation together with MnDOT announced a $31.8 million federal grant for station and rail segment improvements to double passenger rail service and increase freight efficiency along the corridor, tentatively called the “Great River” route.

The second Amtrak train will make stops in Red Wing, Hastings, Wabasha, Lake City, Winona, Goodview, St. Charles, Cottage Grove, St. Paul, and St. Paul Park.

On the Wisconsin side stops would include Wisconsin Dells, Tomah and La Crosse.

For more information about the Amtrak project go to

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Mar 18, 2023

A critical cost issue not mentioned as yet is depending on how this proposed train ("Baby Builder") is scheduled, especially given how renown Amtrak is in charging state's for equipment leasing costs. If planned to run opposite of the "Empire Builder's" schedule, a departure from Chicago early enough in the morning, e.g., 0715, and arrival in St. Paul approximately at 3:15pm, only one consist and power will be required. As this train will not require wyeing, it could return to Chicago 3:45pm or 3:55pm to arrive 11:45pm or 11:55pm. This concept was well practiced by the Burlington Route turning its Zephyrs in Minneapolis and Chicago for a same day return. Another cost and customer experience issue will be for the states…

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