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4th Alarm Hastings Fire

A 4th alarm fire at the old Hastings Co-Op Creamery located at 1701 Vermillion Street in Hastings late last night is still blazing as of early this morning.

The Hastings Fire Department were paged around 10:33 pm to respond to the fire and after a second alarm was called, more fire trucks from the Hastings Fire Department responded, along with mutual aid from the Miesville Fire Department, and Cottage Grove Fire

Department, Rosemount Fire Department, and River Falls, Wisconsin Medics.

According to Limitless Media, by 11:32 pm, it was found there was the threat of an ammonia leak and the fire was first upgraded to a third-alarm fire for the Hazmat situation and then to a 4th alarm fire for just engines, causing the St. Paul Park Fire Department being called and mutual aid from the Apple Valley Fire Department, Inver Grove Heights Fire Department, Randolph Hampton Fire Department, an additional rig from the Rosemount Fire Department, and Prescott Fire Department.

Police expanded road closures around the fire and extended them further down Highway 61 northbound at Highway 55 and Highway 61 southbound at Vermillion Road and residents in the area of the fire were told to keep their windows shut, turn off their AC units.

This a developing story and it’s not known yet if there are any injuries.

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